Some frequently asked questions about our care home

  1. Q. Is the Care Home registered?

  2. Q. Can we see any documentation as to our standards of care?

  3. Q. What happens before I come into the Home?

  4. Q. Can I have a lie in if I feel like it?

  5. Q. Will I have a Care Plan?

  6. Q. Can my family visit me at Summerfield?

  7. Q. Can I bring my own items of furniture?

  8. Q. What if I need to see the dentist or optician?

  9. Q. What would happen if Summerfield were to close?

  10. Q. Can I have a pet?

  11. Q. What’s the continuity and level of staffing like at Summerfield?

  12. Q. What arrangements are made to cater for religious requirements?

  13. Q. Who will look after my medicines?

  14. Q. Does Summerfield have a formal contracting outlining the terms of residency?

  15. Q. Do you accept residents who are suffering from dementia?

  16. Q. Can you tell me how to find other homes?

  17. Q. What’s an Advanced Directive and do I need one?